Misha Green really took us on a ride with this one. If you don’t know, I’m talking about the director of HBO’s new hit show, Lovecraft Country. Based on a 2016 novel, LC takes you places you didn’t expect (or want) to go, but ending the trip early would be a mistake.

Misha been that bitch, already blessing us with Homecoming. This woman, quickly becoming a giant, decided she was just getting warmed up!

From the opening war of worlds scene to the anxiety induced double nightmare of being black in a sundown town… after sundown.


It wasn’t just the story, though.

There’s music (not all era based!) and it’s important. The beat drops to Atticus (Jonathan Majors) stepping off the curb in his old home town. He’s on a mission to find his estranged father, but we don’t get swallowed up in that. The evening is spent dancing to a beautiful stage crooner manifesting “a tall, skinny papa.” Her smooth delivery gives us the scene that introduces Letitia (Jurnee Smollett), my new favorite 50’s fashion icon—not even close to a damsel in distress, pulling her own weight, Letitia manages to calls out sexism, demand respect, and… that bawdy. Whew, chile!

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SN: Where can I get all of her outfits?

Did I mention that there is a love scene? Not what a typical Hollywood writer would conjure— and it’s *throat clearing* kinda hot. For real, I love Courtney B. Vance (Uncle George), aka Angela Bassett’s husband, and I really love Aunjanue Ellis (Hippolyta)— they really need to give this woman her flowers now— so naturally, they’re onscreen love gives all the answers, even if you never had questions.


I don’t want to spoil this delightful thriller for you, so I won’t. Just know that this one is worth a watch. It’s anxiety inducing moments take you on a fast ride that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Just know that the unofficial Lovecraft Country cocktail is the Aviation, (Misha’s favorite) recipe here.

TRT Aviation Cocktail

Find LC on HBO, Sundays at 9pm.

You’re so welcome!