WFH is the new norm for almost everyone, which has its perks— like wine o’clock.

Where I live, wine o’clock can happen as early as brunch mimosa(s) any day of the week. In fact, I cannot imagine having to return to a regular office setting any time soon, thanks to this new adaptation.

Fun? Definitely.

The Royal Take reviews Jam Jar’s Sweet Shiraz

Anyway, this week’s wine highlight is a cute brand called Jam Jar. Their sweet shiraz has been my summer go to, and should definitely be in your wine cabinet. Let me tell you why.

Jam Jar knows that the best things in life are sweet, but not overly sweet to the point of cloying. Just sweet enough to say that they understand that folks have actual functioning taste buds.

A typical Shiraz is dry—well, mostly the ones that I have had and I like them just fine. Jam Jar’s version still has notes of blueberry and blackberry like her dry sisters, but they tend to be more distinguishable thanks to its sweet nature, imo.

I, a complete and self proclaimed lush (god’s still working on me 😏), can drink anything from the hoppiest beer to the sweetest wine, and everything in between, BUT there is something to be said about a wine that is actually good. That’s Jam Jar. It’s actually good and at a great price point: $9/bottle at Total Wine.

Can you imagine?

Well, you don’t have to because it’s really real.

You’re welcome